Robin Gage Lilly
Principal at RGL Media

I have been working on the Internet since the days of dial-up and DOS.

I first used the World Wide Web to help with research for my Masters degree.  I am the original telecommuter.  In fact, over a decade ago, I tried to talk the boss into working from home after I had my first child.  Nah, he thought that sounded like too much expense.   I made sure that my next boss was a little more forward-thinking.

As owner of my own small business for almost 15 years, I understand how many hats a small business owner must wear.  You need to have an Internet presence, but primarily, you really need to conduct your business.

The Internet has dramatically changed the scope of small business.  It no longer matters how big your boat is because you can sail it in to any port.  If the water seems a little choppy, contact me.  I am happy to help you navigate.

The first 30 minute consultation is free, so what have you got to lose?

Se habla español.

Office:  804.435.5060
Skype:  rglilly


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